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March 21, 2011

7 Ways to Find Free Food on Campus

Pizza: A commonly free food on campus. Photo: MMChicago.
If you live on a big campus, somewhere there is an learning opportunity accompanied by free food. Katherine, a student I knew a few years ago, never missed an opportunity to learn something new -- and eat something free in the process.  The two go hand-in-hand on a college campus.
Many groups provide free food as either an extra enticement for attendance or to add a social dimension to an academic event.  Some organizations make the food THE event. Check out international organizations, which use food to teach about other cultures.  

How do you find out about these events?  

7.  Read your campus newspaper or arts magazine. Many of these will feature upcoming events.

6.  Try Free Food on Campus.  This website seems to be just getting off the ground. Join and you can help spread the word about events.

5.  Seek a local group of grazers. Some college's have local Facebook groups for students looking for a free lunch.

4.  Like art?  Go to art exhibition openings. These are almost always accompanied by snacks. See if your town has a regulary "Gallery Walk." Think pub crawl, but with cheese cubes and art.

3.  Join the listservs of departments or organizations that interest you and ask to be put on their mailing list or listserv or look for their page on Facebook.

2.  Keep tabs on online campus and community calendars.

1.   Read notices and posters. Old-fashioned paper flyers posted around campus are still a good way to find out about events and receptions.

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